MBAC Medical Billing Accreditation Consultants

Medical Billing Accreditation Consultants (MBAC) is a full service management company with extensive resources, that assists physicians and other medical specialists in operating and managing successful medical practices. MBAC allows physicians and other medical specialists to devote themselves to the profession(s) for which they were trained, rather than having to worry about day-to-day management.

MBAC is led by an experienced management team, dedicated to Quality Service in all aspects of the health care system. Our experience in planning, business management, office operations, managed care communications, receivables management, coding and clinical protocols, surgical center development, obtaining accreditations, and in-service programs enable us to offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the medical community.
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MBAC, a New Jersey based company provides superior service to a number of medical groups in the following areas:
- Comprehensive Billing Management
- Practice Management Consulting
- Coding, Reimbursement and Auditing Services
- Managed Care Consulting
- Accreditation Services
- Comprehensive Billing Management
- Ambulatory Surgical Center Development
- Inservice Programs
- Numerous Value-Added Services (i.e. group purchasing, attorney's, accountant's, etc...)

MBAC is a management company with a reputation for addressing the distinctive characteristics of each practice and structuring its services accordingly. MBAC has a staff of professionals in all aspects of the billing/practice management process. Our staff constantly monitors the effects of the private insurance industry, as well as all of the U.S. and state government agencies to anticipate the effects on the entities for which we provide services.


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