MBAC Comprehensive Billing Management
MBAC specializes in providing complete billing services for a wide variety of medical practices. Our expertise in timely billing and follow-up enables MBAC to convert accounts receivable into cash. Our foundation of experiences allows us to effectively capture billing and focus on collection performance.

Compliance with constantly changing governmental regulations and revisions in coding procedures can be overwhelming. Likewise, one must be aware of the impact billing procedures have on overall patient relations. It has been clearly demonstrated that the effectiveness of medical practices patient billing has a significant effect, not only on short-term cash flow, but on the long-term success of the practice.

- Experience: Our experienced staff monitors practice regulations to educated medical practices of any changes in reimbursement patterns.
- Responsiveness: Our commitment to our clients includes responding quickly to their needs and inquiries. In addition, we constantly review our clients' accounts, a practice that enables us to identify opportunities for improvement.
- Technology: Our system has the potential for virtually unlimited growth. MBAC submits claims via electronic transmission on behalf of its clients. This mechanism assures accurate filing of claims, as well as faster payment.
- Procedures: MBAC represents itself to your patients as your "Billing Department," the most effective relationship for collecting your fees. Your patients will always be treated with courtesy and respect.

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